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The development and validation of an occlusal site-specific plaque index to evaluate the effects of cleaning by tooth brushes and chewing gum

Levinkind, M. Owens, J. Morea, C. Addy, M. Lang, N. P. Adair, R. and Barton, I. J Clinical Periodontology 1999; 26: 177-182

Scanning microradiographic studies of rates of in vitro demineralization in human and bovine dental enamel

Anderson, P. Levinkind, M. Elliott, J. C. Archives of Oral Biology 1998; 43: 649-656

Levinkind M. Electrochemical Impedance strategies for early caries detection

In Proceedings of the 1st Annual Indiana Conference, Indiana University School of Dentistry. Ed George K. Stookey. 1996; pp 183 - 194

The effect of ion size and temperature on electrochemical impedance measurements on human enamel

M levinkind, R Wadge and T VanderNoot J Dent Res 74(3); 866 Abs 357 1995

Alternating current impedance measurements used to quantify diffusion of ions through enamel

T VanderNoot, R Wadge, and M Levinkind J Dent Res 74(3); 866 Abs 358 1995

Management of submerging deciduous molars

M. Levinkind and J. Battagel. Chapter 4.5.5 pp 1-14 In: General Dental Practice. Klewer Publications Ltd. 1995

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