Feedback from parents immediately after tongue and lip tie laser surgery

One week follow-up after tongue and lip tie surgery

Two week follow-up after tongue and lip tie surgery

(Mr and Mrs R)

Dr Levinkind gave a very detailed and knowledgeable explanation of the procedure even though this is a repeat visit, for a different child. The consideration given to send a young child (6 days) was fantastic and we are greatly appreciated the care and support he offers. Many thanks for being so considerate and for the excellent detail and explanation.

(Mrs K)

We are very pleased with Freddie’s lip and tongue revision. You were both are polite, kind and helpful. If we have anyone who needs a revision we will refer them to your clinic.

(Ms M)

A fantastic experience with an excellent dentist, we feel extremely privileged to have been able to access this treatment from someone so well qualified and experienced. Very pleased with service and explanation. Thank you.

(Mr and Mrs B)

Very happy with Emily’s care and treatment. Already I can see an improvement in her feeding which is wonderful!

(Mrs S)

Very happy with how Nancy’s appointment went. Very reassured that having the procedure. Will help her feed more effectively.

(Mr and Mrs C)

Very impressed with the information given. Pre-op and post-op, particularly the info relating to after surgery care.

(Mr and Mrs W)

Thank you for an excellent service, we felt everything was explained thoroughly and would recommend your practice to friends.

(Mrs S)

Brilliant. Professional and with immediate improvement.

(Mr and Mrs R)

We can’t thank you enough for seeing Criff. We bought Poppy to see you 18 months ago and now we are back and the care have been excellent. We could not ask for more.

(Ms O)

Thank you for great care of Lola, brilliant support with us and the first feed has made such a difference already. Thanks!

(Mrs D)

Great handling in a delicate situation. Expert knowledge, guidance and empathy. No hesitation in recommending.

(Mr and Mrs F)

Very good explanation of procedure. Very happy with treatment of my baby.

(Ms M)

Seen quickly, professional and polite. Would recommend to others.

(Mrs G)

Very professional, thank you!

(Mrs L)

Overall very impressed.

(Mrs L)